Selling Fine Art Albums: How Many Album Options Are Too Many?

As a custom albums company, we are really passionate about making fine art albums. We love all the different styles, sizes, colors and materials that we can make them in. You can probably tell by just looking at our website and seeing the many handmade custom album options that we offer.


Simplify It For Your Clients:

You might even feel the same way about fine art albums as we do. But even though you’re passionate about albums, you also have to realize that your clients aren’t nearly as fanatical about them. They want a great photo album to cherish for a lifetime, but they also want to be able to easily see what they are looking for, point to it, pay for it, and cross one more thing off their long to-do list.

Just because we offer 4 different cover material options, 5 sizes and up to 33 different color choices, it doesn’t mean you have to pass all those options on to your clients. If you want to increase your album sales and serve your clients well, you need to make these choices easier for them. Offering too many custom handcrafted album options and making it hard for the client to choose just becomes an obstacle to a sale. I know I tend to get really indecisive when too many options are presented to me, even when I’m just at a restaurant, supermarket, or clothing/shoe store. And those only involve day-to-day purchasing decisions. It gets even more complicated when I have to make a huge decision on something as important as a timeless wedding album. The more complicated the decision is, the more time it takes to actually go through with a purchase (and sometimes not even going through it at all).


Offer Options That You Love

To make things easier for your clients, try picking two album sizes, two cover options and two colors that you really love from the album company, and have sample albums created with those options. That way, your clients have two choices and can point to one or the other. If they ask for more options on the cover, color or size, you can always offer those. More often than not, you’ll find that they typically fall in love with one of the two options that you provide, and the sale is done.

So in your process of selling custom fine art albums, make choices easier for your clients by picking what you love and showing it to them with album samples. Offer only two options, three at the most. The easier you make the process for them, the easier it will be to achieve more album sales.


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