Image Folio Box & Slip-In Mats

Available in varying depths and assorted sizes, and many color choices in Japanese Fabric or Luxury Linen, the Image Folio Box can be tailor fitted to match your studio’s color and brand. Together with matting you will create a beautiful presentation for your clients images.

Album Sizes & Prints

  • Image Folio Box available in sizes: 7×9, 8X10, 10X10, 11X14 inches
  • Comes in 8 luxury linen and 18 fabric color choices
  • Three depths for holding up to 10, 18, or 25 regular mats, 5, 9, or 12 Lux Mats, or any custom depth up to 3.5″
  • Slip-in Mat holds prints in various sizes
  • Lux mats are heavy-weight, mounted with matching material and color as the image folio box
  • Choose from archival prints on luster or deep matte paper


  • Cover debossing for that heirloom touch
  • Studio debossing available
  • Square, portrait, or landscape photo cameo cut-outs

Presentation & Delivery

  • $10 flat rate shipping on each order, no limit on number of items
  • Image folio box production takes 10 business days. Shipping time is additional.