Selling Fine Art Albums: Get to Know Your Clients

In the previous blog, we shared about the ways you can simplify the process of choosing fine art albums. In this blog, we want to expand on that a little further and give a few suggestions! We want to help make selling photo albums a fun task for both the photographer and the clients.

Casual Conversation

In conversations, start by asking a couple questions about them rather than going straight into the album details. It should be casual so that the process is not stiff like an interview. It will be easier to create the best fine art albums for preserving their memories once you really know the clients. After all, this is a precious product that is made for them. Think of it as you making and giving a present to a friend. To make sure your friend loves the present, you would have to interact with the friend to find out more about their interests. The same thing applies to clients. People would much rather enjoy a fun, friendly conversation than a long duration of ordering something from the menu.

Listen Carefully

Like with any business, pay close attention to feedback from the customer. Insert the words they use when recommending colors or fabrics to let them know you were listening. For example, if they say something like, “I’m looking for something minimalistic.”, you can repeat the word they used by saying something like “This one is perfect for minimalistic!”. It notifies them that you care about making this a high-quality fine art album for them.

Share About Yourself

The best way to get someone to open up is to start by opening up about yourself. Don’t burden them with too many details. Making this personal connection would not only help when recommending the product but would also relax the atmosphere. Also, you could learn a little about other’s lives while simply helping them choose an album. The album creation itself can be a memory of its own for the clients and the photographer.

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