Custom album design can be a headache sometimes, especially for photographers that are new to it or still learning the process. Through the years, we ourselves have learned what works and what doesn’t when designing fine art albums. So we’d like to share our tips with you. Here are 9 easy tips for breathtaking custom album design:


  1. Cover Image: The very first image used for your custom album design should set the stage and tone for the story. For custom wedding albums, consider using a quiet and romantic shot of the couple embracing each other. A serene photograph of the location is also a stunning way to start an album.


  1. Limit The Number of Images: Practice self-control and don’t clutter your spreads with too many images. Less is more. Try to make good use of negative space. The fewer images you use per spread, the more importance you give them.


  1. Balance: If you do choose to use a large number of images on a given spread, make sure the images are strategically laid out, and have a balance of scenery and subjects. Also consider using a combination of b/w and color images. This will make it easier for your eyes to travel along the pages.


  1. Keep it Simple & Elegant: We prefer to use solid black or white backgrounds in our fine art albums, keeping the design simple and elegant, and allowing the images themselves to do the storytelling. However, if you prefer to include a little bit of color in your album spreads, make sure to choose a color that accents the images and doesn’t overpower them.


  1. Location, Location, Location: Group your images by location so that each spread tells a unified story.


  1. Interweaving Busy & Quiet: If you have a large number of busy moments/images throughout the album, don’t forget to work in shots of quiet moments here and there so that the story has a good, steady pace.


  1. Structuring your Spreads: Your favorite image on each spread should be the main photo of that spread. This image should introduce the scene of the spread and be accompanied by smaller, supporting images of little details of the location, what’s taking place, and the people that are present.


  1. Ending the Story: The final image is typically a pulled-back quiet shot that ends the story by saying something like “…and they lived happily ever after”. If you’re working on a wedding album, it could be a shot of the bride and groom leaving the scene of their wedding.


  1. Album Cover & Box: Think of using colors & textures that will accentuate your photographs. Think about using a fabric/material that complements the style of your brand or highlights a constant aspect found in your images. Materials used should bring both your imagery and your brand to the next level.


We hope you find these tips for creating breathtaking custom album designs helpful. Feel free to checkout our other blogs for additional useful tips. You can also Register to become a member of our website and you will receive emails with our latest blogs and sales promotions.

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